Mountain biking

190 miles (300km) of routes for scouts and guides. Varied, hilly landscape, ideal topography and nature at its best are featured in the Palatinate Forest Nature Park biosphere reserve. German cross-country championships and mountain bike marathon events are held here. But quiet places can also be found here, such as dreamy, winding paths, picturesque villages and lakes.

Bikers have already learned to appreciate the Palatinate Forest with its Mountainbikepark as the top spot for biking in any season! Now there is a designated network of more than 300 kilometres of mountain bike trails of varying difficulty. The trails are designated as blue, red or black according to international standards and can be customised in length and technical demand. Here, a techie can find his/her dream tour, just as a family with children. You might be searching for an adrenaline rush, or you might be more interested in enjoying sightseeing, forestry and natural science highlights, or cosy cottage stops featured in the thematic routes.