Trail of Esthal Fountains
The nine-mile (15km) Fountain Hiking Trail leads around Esthal with its many wells that were earlier primarily used as livestock drink and wash fountains. Detailed directions are provided here.

The Erfenstein Three Castles Trail
The entire trail is about four miles (7km) long. For €2.50, a brochure is available at TI Lambrecht (Pfalz). Call +49 (0) 6325 181110 to receive a copy. The trail connects the three ruins of Erfenstein, Breitenstein and Spangenberg castles, situated on both sides of the Speyer brook, the romantic valley of Elmstein. Detailed directions are provided here.

The Palatinate Way of St. James
Take a walk and follow the former St. James pilgrims’ footsteps from Speyer to the Hornbach Monastery. Next to Jerusalem and Rome, the Santiago de Compostela in Spanish Galicia, with its tomb of the Apostle James, is the Christian pilgrims’ most important destination. Since the early Middle Ages, people have made their pilgrimage to this place. The result has been a network of pathways created across Europe. The Palatinate Way of St. James starts in the town of Speyer and leads through Neustadt, Lambrecht, Elmstein, Trippstadt-Johanniskreuz and Landstuhl to the Hornbach Monastery. You will find several hiking destinations worth trying all along the way. Signs and scallops show the way. More info here.
Broschüre: "Pfälzer Jakobswege" [PDF].

Letterbox in Germany
The game of letterbox is a combination of orienteering and treasure hunting. There are maps, various notes and compasses to be used to find the hiding places and finally the letterbox. Once the letterbox is found, the finder first stamps his/her own (homemade) stamp in the log-book placed in the box. Then he/she applies the stamp, also found in the letterbox, in his/her own book. Hundreds of stamps have been collected this way in many a letterbox book.

The big challenge is to interpret properly the sometimes simple, but at the same time quite complex clues (notes/puzzles) and figure out the location of the hidden box. The clues are usually shown online (for example, under www.letterboxing-germany.de). To date, most letter boxes can be found in the Palatinate Forest – home of letter boxing in Germany.